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Nuno Manuel Almeida Barbosa, Ph.D.

B.Sc. 2009, M.Sc. 2011, Ph.D. 2015

The list of publications

    6. Brasili D, Wątły J, Simonovsky E, Guerrini R, Barbosa NA, Wieczorek R, Remelli M, Kozłowski H, Miller Y,
    The unusual metal ion binding ability of histidyl tags and their mutated derivatives.
    DALTON TRANS. 45: 5629–5639 2016

    5. Barbosa NA, Grzeszczuk M, Kussayeva A, Wieczorek R,
    DFT estimates of water environment impact on the reversible 2e- + 2H+ oxidation of aniline tetramer.
    COMP. THEOR. CHEM. 1086: 7–11 2016

    4. Wątły J, Simonovsky E, Almeida Barbosa N, Spodzieja M, Wieczorek R, Rodziewicz-Motowidlo S, Miller Y, Kozłowski H,
    African viper poly-his tag peptide fragment efficiently binds metal ions and is folded into an α-helical structure.
    INORG. CHEM. 54: 7692–7702 2015

    3. Almeida Barbosa N, Grzeszczuk M, Wieczorek R,
    Tetramer Model of Leukoemeraldine−Emeraldine Electrochemistry in the Presence of Trihalogenoacetic Acids. DFT Approach.
    J. PHYS. CHEM. A 119: 418–427 2015

    2. Remelli M, Pontecchiani F, Simonovsky E, Wieczorek R, Barbosa N, Rowinska-Zyrek M, Potocki S, Miller Y, Kozlowski H
    Unusual binding mechanism of Cu(II) ions to the poly-histidyl domain of a peptide found in the venom of an African viper.
    DALTON TRANS.43: 16680–16689 2014

    1. Watly J, Simonovsky E, Wieczorek R, Barbosa N, Miller Y, Kozlowski H
    Insight into the Coordination and the Binding Sites of Cu2+ by the Histidyl-6-Tag using Experimental and Computational Tools.
    INORG. CHEM. 53: 6675−6683 2014