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Robert Wieczorek, Prof.

Full Professor

B.Sc. 1994, M.Sc. 1996, Ph.D. 2000, D.Sc. 2009, Prof. 2019.

The list of publications

    47. Barbosa NA, Wójcik K, Wieczorek R, Grzeszczuk M,
    New approach to electrochemical reactivity of aniline tetramer through a combined view of DFT and CV descriptors.
    SYNTH. MET. 242: 8-16 2018

    46. Lesiów M, Komarnicka U, Stokowa-Soltys K, Rolka K, Łęgowska A, Ptaszyńska N, Wieczorek R, Kyzioł A, Jezowska-Bojczuk M.,
    Relationship between copper(II) complexes with FomA adhesin fragments of F.nucleatum and colorectal cancer. Coordination pattern and ability to promote ROS production.
    DALTON TRANS. 47: 5445-5458 2018

    45. Kamińska K, Wojaczyńska E, Santi C, Sancineto L, Pensa MF, Kochel A, Wieczorek R, Wojaczyński J, Slupski G,
    An enantiopure diselenide based on a chiral bicyclic backbone—synthesis and configuration assignment.
    TETRAHEDRON ASYMMETRY 28: 1367-1372 2017

    44. Walencik PK, Stokowa-Sołtys K, Wieczorek R, Komarnicka UK, Kyzioł A, Jeżowska-Bojczuk M,
    Impact of the Cu(II) ions on the chemical and biological properties of goserelin–coordination pattern, DNA degradation, oxidative reactivity and in vitro cytotoxicity.
    J. INORG. BIOCHEM. 175: 167-178 2017

    43. Laine M, Barbosa NA, Kochel A, Osiecka B, Szewczyk G, Sarna T, Ziółkowski P, Wieczorek R, Filarowski A,
    Synthesis, structural, spectroscopic, computational and cytotoxicstudies of BODIPY dyes.
    SENS. ACTUATORS B 238: 548-555 2017

    42. Wojaczyńska E, Skarżewski J, Sidorowicz Ł, Wieczorek R, Wojaczyński J,
    Zinc Complexes Formed by 2,2’-Bipyridine and 1,10-Phenanthroline Moieties Combined with 2-Azanorbornane: Modular Ciral Catalysts for Aldol Reaction.
    NEW J. CHEM. 40: 9795-9805 2016

    41. Laine M, Barbosa N, Wieczorek R, Melnikov MY, Filarowski A,
    Calculations of BODIPY dyes in the ground and excited states by M06-2X and PBE0 functionals.
    J. MOL. MODEL. 22, 11: 260-267 2016

    40. Kamińska K, Wojaczyńska E, Wietrzyk J, Turlej E, Błażejczyk A, Wieczorek R,
    Synthesis, structure and antiproliferative activity of chiral polyamines based on a 2-azanorbornane skeleton.
    TETRAHEDRON ASYMMETRY 27: 753-758 2016

    39. Stokowa-Sołtys K, Barbosa NA, Kasprowicz A, Wieczorek R, Gaggelli N, Gaggelli E, Valensin G, Wrzesiński J, Ciesiołka J, Kuliński T, Szczepanika W, Jeżowska-Bojczuk M,
    Studies of viomycin, an anti-tuberculosis antibiotic: copper(II) coordination, DNA degradation and the impact on delta ribozyme cleavage activity.
    DALTON TRANS. 45: 8645-8658 2016

    38. Barbosa NA, Grzeszczuk M, Kussayeva A, Wieczorek R,
    DFT estimates of water environment impact on the reversible 2e- + 2H+ oxidation of aniline tetramer.
    COMP. THEOR. CHEM. 1086: 7-11 2016

    37. Brasili D, Wątły J, Simonovsky E, Guerrini R, Barbosa NA, Wieczorek R, Remelli M, Kozłowski H, Miller Y,
    The unusual metal ion binding ability of histidyl tags and their mutated derivatives.
    DALTON TRANS. 45: 5629-5639 2016

    36. Wątły J, Simonovsky E, Barbosa N, Spodzieja M, Wieczorek R, Rodziewicz-Motowidlo S, Miller Y, Kozłowski H,
    African viper poly-his tag peptide fragment efficiently binds metal ions and is folded into an α-helical structure.
    INORG. CHEM. 54: 7692-7702 2015

    35. Olszewski T K, Wojaczyńska E, Wieczorek R, Bąkowicz J,
    α-Hydroxyphosphonic acid derivatives of 2-azanorbornane: synthesis, DFT calculations, and crystal structure analysis.
    TETRAHEDRON ASYMMETRY 26: 601-607 2015

    34. Almeida Barbosa N, Grzeszczuk M, Wieczorek R,
    Tetramer Model of Leukoemeraldine−Emeraldine Electrochemistry in the Presence of Trihalogenoacetic Acids. DFT Approach.
    J. PHYS. CHEM. A 119: 418-427 2015

    33. Remelli M, Pontecchiani F, Simonovsky E, Wieczorek R, Barbosa N, Rowinska-Zyrek M, Potocki S, Miller Y, Kozlowski H
    Unusual binding mechanism of Cu(II) ions to the poly-histidyl domain of a peptide found in the venom of an African viper.
    DALTON TRANS. 43: 16680-16689 2014

    32. Watly J, Simonovsky E, Wieczorek R, Barbosa N, Miller Y, Kozlowski H
    Insight into the Coordination and the Binding Sites of Cu2+ by the Histidyl-6-Tag using Experimental and Computational Tools.
    INORG. CHEM. 53: 6675−6683 2014

    31. Beć KB, Wieczorek R, Łydżba-Kopczyńska B, Hawranek JP
    Analysis of infrared spectra of neat liquid N-methylpyrrole.
    ACTA. PHYS. POLON. A 124: 115-121 2013

    30. Rudowska M, Wieczorek R, Kluczyk A, Stefanowicz P, Szewczuk Z
    Gas-phase fragmentation of oligoproline peptide ions lacking easily mobilizable protons.
    J. AM. SOC. MASS SPECTROM. 24: 846-856 2013

    29. Chiera NM, Rowinska-Zyrek M, Wieczorek R, Guerrini R, Witkowska D, Remelli M, Kozlowski H
    Unexpected impact of the number of glutamine residues on metal complex stability.
    METALLOMICS 5: 214-221 2013

    28. Chiera N, Guerrini R, Kozłowski H, Remelli M, Rowinska-Zyrek M, Wieczorek R, Witkowska D
    Poly-His and poly-Gln sequences in bacterial proteins: tempting sites for metal ions to interact with.
    in: EUROBIC 11 : proceedings of the 11-th European Biological Inorganic Chemistry Conference,
    Granada, Spain September 12-16, 2012 / eds. González Pérez JM, Matilla-Hernández A, Niclos-Gutiérrez J. Bologna: Medimond, 2013, pp. 1-4.

    27. Kobko N, Marianski M, Asensio A, Wieczorek R, Dannenberg JJ
    A density functional theory evaluation of hydrophobic solvation: Ne, Ar and Kr in a 50-water cluster. Implications for the hydrophobic effect.
    COMP. THEOR. CHEM. 990 (15): 214-221 2012

    26. Gregoliński J, Wieczorek R, Lisowski J
    Formation of chiral heteronuclear LnIII assemblies by ion pair formation.
    EUR. J. INORG. CHEM. 2011 (25): 3717-3725 2011

    25. Zierkiewicz W, Wieczorek R, Hobza P, Michalska D
    Halogen bonded complexes between volatile anaesthetics (chloroform, halothane, enflurane, isoflurane) and formaldehyde: a theoretical study.
    PHYS. CHEM. CHEM. PHYS. 13 (11): 5105-5113 2011

    24. Wieczorek R, Durlak P, Latajka Z
    DFT studies of H3N-X (X = Li, Na, K, Rb, Cs, and Fr) systems.
    POL. J. CHEM. 83: 761-769 2009

    23. Wieczorek R
    The influence of metal cation binding to aromatic side chain on hydrogen bond system in alpha helical peptides.
    in: EUROBIC 9 : proceedings of the 9-th European Biological Inorganic Chemistry Conference,
    Wroclaw, Poland, September 2-6, 2008 / ed. Henryk Kozłowski. Bologna: Medimond, 2008, pp. 83-88.

    22. Wieczorek R , Dannenberg JJ
    Amide I Vibrational Frequencies of alpha-Helical Peptides Based upon ONIOM and Density Functional Theory (DFT) Studies
    J. PHYS. CHEM. B 112 (4): 1320-1328 2008

    21. Salvador P, Wieczorek R, Dannenberg JJ
    Direct calculation of trans-hydrogen-bond C-13-N-15 3-bond J-couplings in entire polyalanine alpha-helices. A density functional theory study
    J. PHYS. CHEM. B 111 (9): 2398-2403 MAR 8 2007

    20. Dannenberg JJ, Salvador P, Asensio A, Wieczorek R
    Solvation energies of amides and peptides obtained from hybrid DFT/ONIOM/AM1 calculations and the Cramer/Truhlar (SMx) solvation methods
    ABSTR. PAP. AM. CHEM. SOC. 232 169-169 SEP 10 2006

    19. Coussan S, Ferro Y, Trivella A, Wieczorek R, Manca C, Piecuch P, Kowalski K, Włoch M, Kucharski, Musiał M.
    Experimental and theoretical UV characterizations of acetylacetone and its isomers
    J. PHYS. CHEM. A 110 (11): 3920-3926 MAR 23 2006

    18. Wieczorek R, Dannenberg JJ
    The energetic and structural effects of single amino acid substitutions upon capped alpha-helical peptides containing 17 amino acid residues. An ONIOM DFT/AM1 study
    J. AM. CHEM. SOC. 127 (49): 17216-17223 DEC 14 2005

    17. Wieczorek R, Dannenberg JJ
    Enthalpies of hydrogen-bonds in alpha-helical peptides. An ONIOM DFT/AM1 study
    J. AM. CHEM. SOC. 127 (42): 14534-14535 OCT 26 2005

    16. Salvador P, Kobko N, Wieczorek R, Dannenberg JJ
    Calculation of trans-hydrogen-bond C-13-N-15 three-bond and other scalar J-couplings in cooperative peptide models. A density functional theory study
    J. AM. CHEM. SOC. 126 (43): 14190-14197 NOV 3 2004

    15. Wieczorek R, Dannenberg JJ
    Comparison of fully optimized alpha- and 3(10)-helices with extended beta-strands. An ONIOM density functional theory study
    J. AM. CHEM. SOC. 126 (43): 14198-14205 NOV 3 2004

    14. Wieczorek R, Dannenberg JJ
    alpha-helical peptides are not protonated at the N-terminus in the gas phase
    J. AM. CHEM. SOC. 126 (39): 12278-12279 OCT 6 2004

    13. Wieczorek R, Haskamp L, Dannenberg JJ
    Molecular orbital calculations of water clusters on counterpoise-corrected potential energy surfaces
    J. PHYS. CHEM. A 108 (32): 6713-6723 AUG 12 2004

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    4. Silvi B, Wieczorek R, Latajka Z, K. Alikhani M.E, Dkhissi A, Boutellier Y
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    1. Wierzejewska M, Mielke Z, Wieczorek R, Latajka Z
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